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      Did someone open their door and let it swing into your brand new car? Or did a shopping cart roll right into your door? Maybe a ball hit your hood. Get caught in a hail storm? Park under a tree that was dropping acorns? Do you wish you could have those little dings and dents removed without the cost and hassle of repainting half of the car for a small ding?  If so, look no further. We may be able to repair these ugly, annoying and inconvenient little dents, saving you time and hundreds of dollars!


      PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR (PDR), is the "FINE ART" of repairing small dings and dents in automobiles using Advanced dent repair techniques. Some are repaired by accessing the damage from behind the panel or some by pulling from outside the panel and then gently massaging them out. PDR is considered an art and takes many years to perfect. This process saves the customer from having to repaint the damaged area. The result is a quality repair that saves the customer TIME and most importantly MONEY!  And, since we have no need to repaint, we use ZERO chemicals. Which means the advanced methods of Paintless Dent Repair is are 100% environmentally friendy alternative to a conventional sand and paint body shop repair  !!!



  Dings & Dents llc paintless dent removal services New and Used auto dealers, Sales and service departments, Auto body and collision repair shops, Detail and reconditioning shops, and most importantly, the general public.


We are a mobile business, so in most cases, Dings and Dents will come to your home or office! Or we have authorized repair facilities where vehicles can be dropped of for the day. If we can not repair the dents , there is absolutely no charge. Satisfaction is Guaranteed!