SERVICING Ocean, Monmouth County and surrounding Jersey Shore areas

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The History of the Company

The "ART" of paintless dent repair has been around for many years. Most people have never heard of the process because it was mainly used by car dealers and done in the back of the dealerships to hide trade secrets . In recent years ,the process has been broadened and is much more available to the public. This is due to a few things, paint additives are use to make paint more flexible, and metals are thinner and softer.

   Owner / Master Technician Jason Verderrosa has been in the business since 1999, repairing dents in NJ on almost every type of  automobile on the road. He has fixed thousands of cars over the years, from your everyday commuter car, to the finest luxury and exotic sports cars. He has worked on classic and vintage cars to cars that are brand new with 6 figure price tags still sitting on the Showroom Floor.

     Dings and Dents was started in 2005 and Repairs Dents in (but not limited to) Ocean and Monmouth County NJ .